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Tri Shakti

‘Tri Shakti’ is referred to as a place where there is less competition. This strategy revolves around searching for investments in markets and asset classes where there is less pressure on pricing and demand by the large institutional investors.
Most investment groups are competing against each other which leads to overpaying for investments hence creating a ‘red ocean’. If you invest in a ‘red ocean’, it could result in overpaying for investments which leads to lower performance and overexposure to volatility.


Financial Freedom without Boundaries.

Accomplishing independence from the rat race is an objective for some individuals. It by and large means having sufficient reserve funds, speculations, and money close by to manage the cost of the way of life you need for you as well as your family—and a developing savings that will permit you to resign or seek after the vocation you need without being driven by procuring a specific sum every year. What is independence from the rat race from your point of view? An overall craving for it is too dubious an objective, so get explicit. Record the amount you ought to have in your ledger, what the way of life involves, and at what age this ought to be accomplished. The more explicit your objectives, the higher the probability of accomplishing them. Awful securities exchanges can make individuals question this, yet generally there has been no greater method for developing your cash than through contributing. The wizardry of accumulated dividends will assist it with expanding dramatically after some time, yet you want a ton of time to accomplish significant development. Try not to attempt to be a stock picker or stunt yourself into figuring you can be the following Warren Buffett. There must be one.


Invest on time and time will give you reward.


Grow your mind in terms of investment.


Make deals with profitable people.


Healthy networks makes waelthy mind.